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Guru Nanak International School , Halwara

Baba Nand Singh ji was one of those great saintly personality who took birth in October,1872 to spread the message of one humanity, peace and have as preached by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in this world. His successor Baba Isher Singh took over his mission with same zeal and devotion. With saintly fervor, he built the sacred shrine and sarover thus converting the place into an abode of religious harmony. After his departure to the holiest abode into an abode of the almighty. Baba Sadhu Singh ji carried forwards the noble legacy and built a "charitable hospital". Baba Sadhu Singh ji departed from us on 15th may, 2009 and now noble saint Baba Lakha Singh ji is carrying on the pious holy mission of his predecessor saints in same zeal, day and night. He is leading a very Benevento social organization named "Shri Nanaksar Baba Nand Singh, Isher Singh Charitable Trust, Nanaksar (Kaleran). The trust is running various social welfare activities for the betterment of society.

These are:-
• Shri Nanaksar Baba Nand Singh Isher Singh Charitable Hospital,Nanaksar.
• "Baba Sadhu Singh Old Age Home" a hermitage for old person having 101 rooms.
• Bhai Veer Singh Gurmat College at Bauli Sahib,Nanaksar.
• Guru Nanak International School , Halwara.
Now Guru Nanak International School,Halwara is being managed under the aegis of Baba Lakha Singh Ji in the rural area to provide best available education to the deprived children at affordable cost as a social welfare measure. Guru Nanak International School, Halwara has spiritual blessings of the noble spirits of great saints beginning with Baba Nand Singh Ji, founder of more than hundred year old "Thaath Nanaksar".

Foundation of School


Our Management

Honourable Baba Lakha Singh Ji


Kuldeep Singh Kang


Dharminder Singh

(Chairman & Co-ordinator Organization)

Mrs.Narinder Kaur


our staff

# Teacher Name Designation Qualification
1 Baba Lakha Singh Ji Founder --
2 Mr. Dharminder Singh Chairman B.A Computers
3 Mr. Kuldeep Singh Director M.A, DP.Ed & NIS
4 Mrs. Narinder Kaur Principal M.A & B.ED
5 Mrs. Rajdeep Kaur Assistant Prin (TGT) MCA
6 Mrs. Ranjeet Kaur Co-ordinator (TGT) M.A & B.ED
7 Ms. Navpreet Kaur Co-ordinator (TGT) M.Sc & B.ED
8 Mrs. Harpreet Kaur Co-ordinator (TGT) M.A & B.ED
9 Mrs. Ravneet Kaur T.G.T M.A & B.ED
10 Mrs. Navjot Kaur T.G.T M.A & B.ED
11 Ms. Rampreet Kaur T.G.T(Wellness) M.A & B.ED
12 Mrs. Jasdeep Kaur T.G.T M.A & B.ED
13 Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur T.G.T M.A & PGDCA
14 Mr. Rajan Puri T.G.T B.Sc & B.ED
15 Mrs. Kulwinder Kaur P.R.T B.A & B.ED
16 Mrs. Gurcharn Kaur P.R.T(Complaint & Displine Incharge) B.A & B.ED
17 Mrs. Baljit Kaur P.R.T M.A & B.ED
18 Mrs. Amandeep Kaur P.R.T M.A & B.ED
19 Mrs. Sukhjinder Kaur P.R.T M.A & B.ED
20 Mrs. Rajinder Kaur P.R.T M.A & B.ED
21 Mrs. Ranjeet Kaur P.R.T M.A & B.ED
22 Mrs. Harsharn Kaur P.R.T B.A & B.ED
23 Mrs. Jaspal Kaur P.R.T M.A & B.Ed
24 Mrs. Bhuwinder Kaur Libraian B.Lib & M.Lib
25 Mrs. Birpal Kaur Art/Craft Craft Diploma
26 Mrs. Gurwinder Kaur Music M.A & M.Phill & PHD
27 Mr. Udham Singh D.P B.A & BP.Ed
28 Mrs. Palwinder Kaur N.T.T N.T.T
29 Mrs. Kuldeep Kaur N.T.T B.A & N.TT
30 Mr. Davinder Singh Clerk --

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Guru Nanak International School

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